Web Applications

Last Updated: 06/1/2017


This is my company website that I have recently built using AngularJS. It was my first time building a Single Page Application (SPA) using Angular, my only previous SPA experience was with the Durandal framework and KnockoutJS for data-bindings.

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Last Updated: 02/1/2017

Employee Smart

A full stack solution for online employment management. This is a solution that I am constantly working on in my spare time so it gets updated frequently! Sign up and have a play around, it's free to use.

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Last Updated: 06/1/2017

Skelton Hydrographics

An ASP.NET MVC site created for a client of mine using: Visual Studio, Bootstrap and Font Awesome.

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Proof of Concepts

Last Updated: 06/1/2017

Fluent Migrator

This is a small project that I worked on to demonstrate how my work place could look at alternative ways to manage database changes.

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